HALIFAX -- It’s not something you see every day: llamas and alpacas roaming around a senior's home.

The animals are from a New Brunswick business called "Llama-zing Adventures." It offers walks with llamas, alpacas, and even a camel.

The owner, Josee Gautreau, is the one who made the seniors visit happen. She says she wanted to spread joy during a not-so-joyful time.

"These times have been hard for everyone, and they've been stuck inside without their family," says Gautreau. "I thought it would make some happy smiles for them."

Gautreau also says she chose her A-team of animals for the special occasion.

"We have Pearl and Luna that [were] my first two alpacas that I got," she said. "They're great with everyone, they let people cuddle them and they love the attention."

The residents at the seniors home say the llamas and alpacas were welcome guests.

"I found them very interesting," says Evelyn Bell, who lives at Grass Home in Riverview, N.B. "I was surprised when they brought them in, and how tame they were."

"They seemed to want to come to you," says Leola Dalling, another resident. "I found them very easy to love."

"We were able to touch them, and hug them" Dalling added.

Another resident says it was a dream-like experience.

"I’ve seen llamas many times – in the zoo…but I never hugged them," says James Dalling. "It was something I dreamed about."