HALIFAX -- For the fifth straight day, Prince Edward Island has identified no new cases of COVID-19, as the total number of cases in the province remains at 25.

Twenty-three of the 25 cases are considered recovered, said Prince Edward Island’s chief public health officer, Dr. Heather Morrison, during a news conference on Monday.

"If we are following public health measures; self-isolating after travel, staying home as much as possible, practising physical-distancing when we're out, it will make a difference," said Morrison. "We are already seeing the difference it is making in this country and in this province, so let's keep doing that."

P.E.I. has not reported a new case since April 8, when three new cases were reported.

The province has conducted nearly 2,000 tests, with 1,816 tests coming back negative. The results of 71 tests are still pending.

All cases on the island have been connected to travel.

The province says cases are deemed recovered if it has been 14 days since symptoms began, and the patients symptoms have markedly improved and they do not have a fever. If the case was asymptomatic, they use the date of the test to start that 14 day period.

Morrison also reiterated that P.E.I.'s law enforcement will continue to enforce the public health measures.

“Although the large majority of Islanders are taking this very seriously and following public health measures, we are still seeing some examples of those who are not listening,” added Morrison. “We’ve had over 200 calls into our line, resulting in over 100 home visits, a large number of verbal and written warnings, and four charges have been laid.”

Prince Edward Island's director of nursing, Marion Dowling, said the cough and fever clinics and drive-thru testing clinics will remain open seven days a week in Charlottetown, and Summerside, P.E.I.

Morrison also says discussions are being had with Northumberland Ferries Limited in regards to the screening process for the ferry between Caribou, Nova Scotia and Wood Islands, P.E.I. That ferry is scheduled to begin running on May 1.