MONCTON -- The greater Moncton area has been seeing an uptick in the level of gun violence in recent weeks.

There have been five separate shooting events and it's left a community divided -- with some concerned and others unfazed. 

"Any gun violence is alarming," said Charles Leger, the Codiac Regional Policing Authority chair. "I think putting things in perspective, they're five different incidents."

These shootings aren't considered random by police.

"We've never seen a spike like this before in Moncton's history," said Moncton resident Miles Kinnee. "Five in one month, that's a big deal. Everyone should be concerned. But it's not necessarily surprising if you're living in Moncton and paying attention."

On Oct. 9, RCMP were called to Angie's Show Palace in Dieppe after a shooting outside.

A 25-year-old man was charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Four days later, a 19-year-old man was shot dead in Upper Coverdale. A 51-year-old man was charged with first degree murder.

"To have such a spree in such a short period of time is a little worrying," said Moncton resident Jonathan Burns. "The generic uptick in crime in Moncton is staggering."

Burns lives just a few blocks away from where shots were fired at a home on Warren Avenue in Riverview. That happened on Oct. 15.

Shots were fired at another home on Wilson Road on Wednesday.

"A 17-year-old boy from Moncton was arrested and charged with numerous offences related to that," said Sgt. Mathieu Roy of the Codiac RCMP.

Said Burns: "Knowing that a shooting happens a few blocks from where my family lives, that does worry me, because we're not doing anything wrong, we're not the intended target, but there is that problem that it's indiscriminate."

Some aren't concerned for their safety, knowing the incidents are isolated.

"They aren't random shootings," said Kinnee. "It really seems to be people tied up in that lifestyle."

Thursday morning, bullet holes were discovered in a car on Anne Avenue in Moncton.

Leger, who is also a city councillor, says there are a variety of reasons why this violence could be happening.

"An increase in addictions, an increase in mental health issues," Leger said. "So all of that, whether its domestic violence, all of those things can lead to some of the situations we're seeing."

These are all situations that may have led to an uptick in gun violence that is keeping RCMP busy in the Moncton area.