Rose MacIsaac and John MacNeil have been searching for their brother Kenny MacNeil for three years now and there’s still there's no sign of him. They feel their brother fell victim to foul play, and somebody knows what happened to him.

“People that have people pass away and die, they can go to the graveyard. They know where their loved ones are. They know they've had a Christian burial,” says MacIsaac, Kenny’s sister. “We don't know if Kenny is dead or alive.”

The family has made up new posters, and they’re offering up a $10,000 award for anyone with information about Kenny’s whereabouts.

“To get some of the people that might be involved or know who was involved to let some information go to the police, or Crime Stoppers, so we get some closure on this issue,” says John MacNeil, Kenny’s brother.

On Aug. 27, 2014, in Whitney Pier, N.S., John MacNeil went to his brother’s mobile home. The lights were on and music was playing, but Kenny was nowhere to be found.

A call to police launched an extensive search in the woods around Kenny's trailer that sat on his brother's property.

John MacNeil says the pain of not knowing where his brother is doesn’t get better with time.

“It's very hard, every day that I look at my backyard, where I had his home or these pictures that I have all over Sydney and the industrial Cape Breton area, it breaks my heart,” he says. “It’s a void that won't be filled until we find him one way or another.”

Kenny’s family say his past is what worries them. They say the 50 year-old hung around with the wrong crowd, but was starting to change his life around. They believe foul play was involved.

“I really think that he was involved with some people that he was involved with for a long time, before he came to live with us and those people might have came and picked him up and taken him for a drive and didn't bring him back,” says John MacNeil.

Cape Breton Regional Police say Kenny’s disappearance remains an active missing person's case.

Kenny’s brother and sister say they simply want answers.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore.