SHEDIAC, N.B. -- Nearly three months after post-tropical storm Dorian, the residents of Shediac, N.B., are getting a helping hand.

"(This) disaster relief is something of a godsend," said Donald Boudreau.

The provincial government has announced their disaster financial assistance program to help individuals, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and municipalities that suffered property damage from the storm in September.

Many in Shediac say they're going to need it.

"Hurricane Dorian brought fairly high sustained winds, trees down, power outages, flooded basements, some coastal erosion," said Shediac Mayor Roger Caissie.

Maximum assistance for private homes is $160,000 and for small businesses and not-for-profits it goes up to $500,000.

Those at the Shediac Bay Yacht Club say they need all the help they can get.

Dorian caused almost $2 million in damage at the yacht club.

"The provincial government coming out with an assistance program that kinda gave us a bit of hope so we'll be applying for that," said Gerry O'Brien, the Shediac Bay Yacht Club manager.

There's a similar scene over at the Pointe-du-Chêne wharf, where heavy waves drenched the docks, and boats struggled to stay attached.

Boudreau, the president and CEO of the harbour authority, says they're hoping for help with what insurance won't cover.

"The damage to the docks, I would think, is the main area where we'll see potential for disaster relief," Boudreau said.

Caissie says the news comes after a strong push for governmental assistance and constant questions from residents on when relief would be on the way.

"It should be able to provide some assistance to folks who have sustained damage, who had to get some work done, or not," Caissie said. "Whether it's cleaning, or whatever else, to get back on their feet a bit better."

The provincial government will be requesting a cost-share program with the federal government. The deadline to submit applications is Feb. 26, 2020.