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Do COVID-19 rapid tests work on Omicron?

A recent study revealed that COVID-19 rapid antigen tests may be less sensitive to newer variants, leaving some to wonder just how accurate these tests actually are. Experts share how to get the most accurate results when testing for the virus.

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Russian sentenced to life in Ukraine's 1st war crimes trial

A captured Russian soldier who pleaded guilty to killing a civilian was sentenced by a Ukrainian court Monday to life in prison -- the maximum -- amid signs the Kremlin may, in turn, put on trial some of the fighters who surrendered at Mariupol's steelworks.

Starbucks is leaving Russia for good

Starbucks is leaving Russia for good. The coffee company paused its operations and stopped shipments of its products to Russia in March. Now, it 'has made the decision to exit and no longer have a brand presence in the market,' Starbucks said in a brief statement Monday.